Saturday, November 12, 2005

How many electrical outlets

As I deconstruct the building of this house, I wonder. why do I have 11(eleven) electrial outlets in one room!?!!? I can only believe it was because The Three Little Pigs wanted to make sure I was a happy camper. Because as we all know, having 6 electrical outlets on 8ft of wall is what everyone wants.

My amazement at the work of Dave Exline dba Three Little Pigs Construction will never cease.

Yee Haw, build me another house sparky!


Frank Galea said...

Hey Leslie,
I'd replied to your comment on my blog:

Hope all is well. Noticed your musical interests on the Profile. Are you going to make it out to Jazzfest in N.O. April '06?
My wife & I have gone the last two years and had an amazing time. Trying to work it into our plans this year as well. I think it's important to show some support for what is genuine about the city before all the "helpers" swoop in to rebuild it as a giant Starbucks or a parking lot for a Walmart.


Daniel said...

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