Saturday, April 01, 2006

Doors, Floors, and Chores

I have included pictures of some of the doors, the floors, and a list of chores that need to be done. Enjoy.

Here is the entrance to the Master Bedroom and 2nd bathroom. Thanks for doing a knockout job on the doors Scott.

I have not made a decision on whether I want to keep the floors this way or change them. Right now, I think they look good but we will see how they hold up.

Here is the entry way to the kitchen.

A view of the great room window

And for posterity, here is the post that was inexplicably placed in the center of the window. The good thing is that I have found 80 year old Cedar or Douglas Fir reclamimed wood that I will have re-sawed to cover the posts. Should add a bit more character.

Near Term Projects:
  • Wrap support posts and add top and bottom detail
  • Install baseboard moulding
  • Blinds for windows


Ash said...

NOOOO I like them just the way they are.. just like I like you just the way you are... dont go white .. please...

Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like your place if finally coming together. Looks beautiful to me. So, you had mentioned you have some materials that I might be able to use. I'm always on the lookout for materials, whatcha got?


kate said...

Whats the flooring material? I like....

Lesliehm said...

The floors are stained concrete. They took a lot of damage due to construction taking so much longer. Not only was their traffic damage but there was also water damage from being open to the elements for so long.

That said, after cleaning, stripping, and waxing, they came out as you see them. Not perfect, but not bad.

kate said...

Are the interior walls built with straw as well- or are they framed with drywall? Is there any benefit to doing either? I hear buliding interior walls with straw/mud is not sound.

Also- dont concrete floors get cold? Or did you use radiant floor heating?

Lesliehm said...

hi there,

Interior walls are wood framed, not strawbale. It is cheaper going with woodframe and drywall other than straw.

The floor are not that bad. Tho rugs are important. In summer, they work great because it does get hot out there.