Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Straw Bale House Budget Circa 2003

After agonizing over this for several months, I have decided to post the original budget submitted by Three Little Pigs Construction. It is a great view into their cost estimating abilities.

Line items 101-201 were paid prior to actual house construction as well as lines 303 and 308. Take note of the permitting costs and the school fees on lines 103 and 105

This is for a 2500sqft house with mid level finishes and no landscaping.

The actual budget to this point is more than this spreadsheet. At some point I will publish that as well but as work continues the costs are continuing.

Since I do not do construction for a living I do not know how this compares to traditional construction but I suspect it is more. In my opinion, the house could never have been built at that price.

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kate said...

hmmm- that link was the picture of Dave getting served...can you re-post the original budget?