Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is how contractors do?!?!

I do not mean to beat a dead horse, but there seems to be something really wrong with how contractors/service providers treat prospective customers in San Luis Obispo County.

For example, the sub who installed my plumbing (Harvey Plumbing), they did not show up on time, did not do inventory prior to starting the job and I just realized, they did not install my sink correctly. Only one side was bolted into the wall so now the sink leans. WTF?!

R&R Heating took 6 months to install the filters for the heating unit, and 4 months to figure out why the unit would not run for more than 7 minutes before turning off. They would also make appointments and not keep them, say they fixed it when it was not fixed and pretty much ensured that the master bedroom went the entire year without a functioning heating unit. Thanks Kenny.

To be clear, these contractors were chosen by Semmes and Company and in the end the subs did do about 85-90% of what they should have.

A few more tidbits of how contractors do in SLO County:

  • The excavator DKS Construction who took weeks to fax a bid that did not contain all aspects of the job. I guess he missed all of the grading around the 1 acre building site I need to have done as well.
  • The landscaping company that promised to email a bid on 6/5/06. Still have not heard from them.
  • The water treatment companies that never called back.
  • Mayan Hardwood that never called back with a quote for columns I planned for the porch. When I showed up in person the person who helped me actually said, "I called you" after 10 minutes of discussion, she realized she did not even have the pricing information she was to call me about.
Would I have had better luck on my own, I doubt it, but it seems as if this behavior is more the rule rather than the exception when it comes to the construction related trades here in San Luis Obispo County.

I just needed to get this off my chest.

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Rufus Cartwrite said...

I can relate to your contractor experience. It must be the contractors code of ethics to start a job and not finish. I was lucky enough to have an honest builder. He wanted payment each week after the work he did. He knew if he was paid in advance he might go to another job site and leave me hanging.
I'm interested in building straw bale in Colorado so your site is a blessing. Its a popular topic but hard to find "good" information. Thanks