Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blue Pill, or Red Pill

For those of you who have seen The Matrix, the premise is that we are all living in a programmed dreamlike reality controlled by computers. The lead character along with other has figured this out and now are fighting against the 'machines'. At the end of the 1st Matrix movie, the lead gains the ability to see the 'the Matrix, e.g the dream world in the native code that is used to construct 'reality'.

I bring this up because I believe I look at this house in much of the same way. I see how it was constructed. I see every nail, stud, post, shear wall, A35 connector, hvac ducting, pex, etc. It is like I am looking at the code used to construct the house. And for those who know how programming, sometimes code can be elegant, and other times, not so elegant.

It it those not so elegant code fragments that cause much consternation.

So the question is, do I take the Blue Pill and stay in dream world or the Red Pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes?


DJEB said...

I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your experience...

Sounds like when I took music in high school. I stopped enjoying music because every song I heard got broken down into sheet music in my mind.

Lucky for me that the only thing I remember from music class is that draining a spit value on brass instruments is rather disgusting.

Lesliehm said...

Good comparison. I try to see the beauty and it does come thru every now and then, then I see how things were built and it starts all over again.

Someday maybe it will be different...