Monday, January 15, 2007

99 Degree Difference

6 months ago the temperature was 113 degrees this weekend it was 99 degrees colder.

The booster pump on the water tank froze and failed. They tell me this happens when it is 14 degrees. It was replaced and the resulting damage repaired for about $900 by the pump division of Farm Supply. As I have come to expect, they were professional and courteous. Most of the neighbors had bursting pipes, or some plumbing related issues due to the extreme(for California) cold. I will break out the costs and materials of this in my next post.


Anonymous said...

And do you believe in global warming?

Leslie Miley said...

I believe the correct term is 'Global climate change' and there is evidence supporting the theory that human activities are having a impact on the climate. My opinion is that we have reached a tipping point and we should get prepared for changing weather patterns. Here is more info:

Anonymous said...

Well, you could bury everything 8 feet down like a good northerner does. That might be a bit expensive for you. There is a commonly used heat tape wire that is applied to mobile homes in the northern latitudes that is quite safe and provides just enough low level heat. The other option is to build a proper insulated pump house and drop a regular incandecent bulb down there. A nice 80 watts or so 24 hours a day will usually be enough. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Pollution has no effect on global warming, but it does effect on greenhouse effect. It has something to do on how the Earth functions, like the 99 degrees differences 6 months ago that California suffered from the extreme heat wave. I believe that global warming have existed on Earth for billions of years, which is how Earth functions. We have no total answer for it, but I have a theory that Greenhouse Effect does affect by pollution, but it has no effect to global warming. Global warming has something to do with Earth's magnetic field, such as pole shiftings. Its similar to human's immune system being absence temporarily to upgrade its immunity defense. Although, there is no evidence supporting the theories that human activities have a impact on the climate, but there is a evidence that global warming have been existed for millions of years.

What caused the rising of global warming is when the sun grows a bit, Earth's temperature balance goes off a bit. Normal global average temperature for this planet is 58 degrees. We are now in the 70s, which means more storms is forming, and more heat is forming by the sun. That's what explains the 100 degrees days in California because of the unbalanced of the global average temperature. I also believe that the ozone system is upgrading itself, like a human immune system upgrading itself.

Just be very careful on what you say about global warming and global climate change because those two are similar terms of saying it.