Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Rocks

Landscaping has begun with a small experiment. Since there are no rain gutters and having standing water next to your house could be bad, follow these instructions:

  • Order 1.5 cubic yards of cobblestone and 3 cubic yards of pea gravel
  • Rent BobCat
  • Buy 125 feet of bender board
  • Dig trench 6 inches deep, 53 feet long and 4 feet wide
  • Place rock as pictured


CoralPoetry said...


This seems like a good idea. The stones act like a sponge and soak up excess moisture? What’s wrong with a drainpipe leading to another part, say, near to an area of trees or shrubs that need the water?


Speedcat Hollydale said...

How about adding drain tile too? I don't know your climate, but I'm assuming that you get heavy downbursts out west.
I saw your page on bloggers "we noticed" listing. Congatulations!
I would not expect construction to be an interesting subject, but given your unique circumstances and blog format, you present an informative and very readable story. Nice work.
Best of luck in all your endevors,

Wil said...

I see no landscape fabric poking up here and there. Did you deploy fabric? Tar paper? Anything to keep the fines (silt) from clogging the interstital space of your pea stone and 1+ (2 minus?).

And the other commenter has a valid point, what about drain tile to another point away from the foundation?

Renegade said...

Great blog!

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Anonymous said...

I really admire what your doing...your blog outlay is great. Good luck with the construction, im sure it costs a pretty penny

Leslie Miley said...

Yes, the stones act as sponges. :-)

The stones are there so that the water coming off the roof does not erode the ground and flow back to the foundation.

We choose no gutters for this reason.

Leslie Miley said...

In regards to fabric paper, there is landscape paper under the rocks, just hidden very well. :-)

and to everyone else, thanks for the comments.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...
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dc_speaks said...

wow..that was a good piece of information..thanks for sharing!!

I'll be reading more of your blogs