Thursday, October 30, 2008

Intolerance goes hand in hand with greed and fraud.

Estate Financial and Hurst Financial. These names will be familiar to many folks on the Central Coast. These two companies represent almost $400 million dollars in mortgage securities. Securities that people on the Central Coast invested in. Securities that retirees invested in. As of today, both companies have been shut down by state regulators. And in the case of Estate Financial, only $48,000 of cash was in their accounts. Even though at one point they had almost $300 million in mortgage securities and almost 2000 investors.

I mention this because as Barack Obama has been saying, "the meltdown financial markets is the final verdict on 8 years of failed Bush/McCain economic policies"

Well, I guess the people in Northern San Luis Obispo County don't see it that way because they have consistently removed the signs I have put on my fence.

On 10/19 I put these series of signs up:
It was stolen within one day. Luckily I had more so I put them up again. Once again, they were taken down within 1 day.

Not to be deterred, I put this sign up on on 10/25:
I would like to believe it is still there.

What I find interesting is that I am sure some of the people who are supporting the GOP(and stealing my signs), are the very same ones wondering how Estate Financial and Hurst Financial could be 'allowed' to take their money. My advice to all of you is to reflect on what party has led the deregulation of the financial services industry.

Good luck on 11/04/08

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Anonymous said...

HA! Love it.
Was wondering how long the signs would stay up.
At least it wasn't the chain saw wielding, real estate sign hating neighbor...cause I would have been pissed to have the fence hacked up.