Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strange Views This Weekend..

A few months ago while watching the webcam, I saw two dogs run through the courtyard. A yellow lab and a chocolate lab. The did not hang around, just cruising through. Strangely enough I so them again today. Both had collars and looked healthy if not a bit dirty from their adventures. What I don't understand is why people let their dogs roam. Not only are there coyotes but there are mountain lions, deer, and people who would not hesitate to shoot them.

Another strange view I saw was this:
The really odd thing is that there were two people riding in it. They looked no older than 18-20. Was someone filming a Wells Fargo commercial? Yaaaaah!

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention it is completely legal to shoot a dog that is harassing livestock. And you can't dispute something you weren't present for.