Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This is where the nightmare began...

12/07/04: Winter is upon us and the chill is in the air. Not just the 20 degree weather in Paso Robles last week, but with the construction of the home as well. After being over 3 months behind schedule and at least 4-5 months from completion we made the decision to change contractors late in the game. Semmes & Company Builders is taking over the project. Stay tuned...

We have arrived at this juncture in my opinion, due to the contractor making changes to the design, construction, and living conditions of the house without prior notification. Poor quality workmanship, abusive and derisive communications, changing rational forvarious costs, and arguing needlessly over items that are clearly done poorly.

Overall, it is my opinion that the quality of the lath work is poor, the installation of the windows terrible, the waterproof job under the lath is laughable as evidenced by these pictures
1, 2, 3, Take a look at the stapling job in #3. The stucco sub contractor and the County Inspector both remarked that it looked as if a kid got his first staple gun and went wild. This picture tho fuzzy, says it all. Unfortunately, they are very close to being right as the crew who installed the windows was by my observation, young, inexperienced and
not versed in how to install the windows per the manufactures instructions.

This includes:

  • Not installing heating or cooling in the theater room, Master bdr/bath and Guest
    bdr/bath and not informing owner. The county inspector is requiring heat and air
    to be installed in that portion of the house.
  • Changing the material on the clerestory from Stucco to T-111 wood siding on the
    most exposed part of the house and not informing owner. This is a link I found
    about caring for that type of wood siding. T-111. In short, this siding is perhaps
    the worst thing you could put in the location the contractor chose. It is the most
    exposed part of the home and takes the brunt of the wind, rain, and sun. It would
    need to be resealed every 2-3 years and given what the plywood on the roof did in
    106 degree heat
    , I am surprised he went with it.
  • Sub-par installation of the windows and doors that require them to be removed
    and re-installed. This entails removing the lath and expanded metal, taking the
    windows/doors out and re-flashing and sealing the windows. I have included
    links to the latest County Inspection Correction Card as well as the
    recommendation from Obispo Pacific Windows. In regards to the window
    installation, this a quote from the contractor " Just because YOU.. believe it to be
    incorrect..does not make it so...even if you got the inspector and Obispo Pacific to
    side with your one sided argument. I was never allowed to put my 2+cents in, and
    my explanation of the proper way to install in "Straw Bale" walls..with 10' of
    overhang, might have a different out come."
  • In regards to the installation job on the windows, here is another exchange.
    Contractor comments are in italics, Owner does not have an obligation to pay
    until the work that you say you completed(i.e. window installation) is done to my
    satisfaction. Lets see...where in the contract does it say this...hmmmm...seems to
    me that I am obligated to the Uniform Building Code, and the San Luis Obispo
    County Building requirements, and..State of California...but no where do I see
    Leslie Millie.., or ...Marvin windows, ...or...Obispo Pacific...hmmmmm..It seems to
    me that a f t e r I talk with the inspector, go over my plans and specificiation, the
    UBC, & my Details from the plans with said inspector, that at that time it would be
    determined what action, if any, might be required.
  • Unfortunately, the situation has have deteriorated the point that the parties are
    not speaking to each other.

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