Saturday, December 25, 2004

Working hard for???

Merry New Year. The new contractor, Semmes & Company Builders (and myself) have spent the last 3 weeks removing lath, staples, nails, etc, so we can remove the windows and install them per the manufactures recommendations. We are down to the large picture windows and should have them re-installed before the end of the year. This is the epitome of taking 2 steps backward to go forward. Upon removing the windows we discovered that the framing was not nailed in properly, in some cases only 1 nail used in the window framing, none of the windows were level, and they did not remove the wood pieces that are shipped with the windows prior to installation. Things are not all that bad. The winters in Paso Robles are mild with temps normally rising to the 60s' in the middle of the day. There are also more Wineries being built which is nevera bad thing. I have included a map of the Paso Robles Wine Country. Please feel free to visit, the red X marks the spot.

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