Sunday, March 12, 2006

What do snow and contractors have in common?

There was snow at the straw bale house today. Something totally nice and totally different.
While it was snowing and 33 degrees outside, the house remained 63 degrees overnight without running the furnace and nothing but paper blinds.

Please enjoy the pics..

So what do snow and contractors have in common in California?

  • You never know when they are going to show up
  • They never stick around for very long
  • When they leave, they usually leave a mess
  • Both are made of flakes
What brings this to mind:
  • The HVAC sub contractor who did not keep his appointment to come out and install filters and fix the thermostat.
  • The Plumber sub contractor who likes the term 'manufacturer defect' as an excuse to why the plumbing fixtures do not work.
  • The Internet Service Provider who cannot figure out why he is not getting emails and now wants to charge to remove his equipment. There is a long post about this guy in the near future.
There must be a school in San Luis Obispo County that teaches contractors how to 'treat' their customers.

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wallyts said...

heh. nice. i love your comparison. my mom had similar problems with the construction of her home.