Wednesday, July 21, 2004

January thru July 2004 Posts

July - 2004:
Trusses complete and installed, Plywood for roof installed, facia board in place. Interior framing 80%

June - 2004: Bathrooms are designed and ready to be ordered. Many thanks to Nena at
European Bath, Kitchen, Tile
and Stone for the lunches and design advice. She gets to take the first bath! :-)

June - 2004: All trusses delivered.

May - 2004: Roof trusses measured and ordered. Three Little Pigs/Dave Exline informs me that trusses were not built
to spec and have to be re-ordered. Interior framing continues

Apr - 2004: Exterior framing complete, interior framing begins.

Mar - 2004: Straw Bale Building Exterior Framing begins.

Jan - 2004: Foundation poured.