Friday, August 26, 2005

The cost of doing business...

I have come to the conclusion that anyone who has found a good contractor has won the lottery. Everyone save 1 person I know, has contractor nightmare stories. Even attorneys have nightmare stories.

Here are some things I wish I knew, based on my research:

American Contractors Indemnity Company vs David Vern Exline an individual and dba Three Little Pigs Construction; Janice Exline. Complaint for:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Indemity
  • Common Count
  • Account Stated
My favorite line from this lawsuit is as follows:
7. "Thereafter, various claims and lawsuits arose and were made against the bonds described in Exhibit 2, because of Defendants' violations of the applicable provisions of the California Business and Professions Code"

Michael Boyajian vs. Dave Exline and Janice Exline
  • currently in litigation for non payment of legal services
Dulce Marrs vs. Dave Exline dba Three Little Pigs Constrcution
  • Insurance company settled construction defect lawsuit for $40,000 to Dulce Marrs
Roger and Jeannie Hunt
  • Dismissed Dave Exline from project prior to finish
Craig and Kathy Bonelli
  • Indicated that they would never work with Dave Exline again.
Dan Conner Plumbing vs. Dave Exline dba Three Little Pigs
  • Small claims Dave Exline refused to pay for plumbing work. Three Little Pigs Construction prevailed in this small claims action
Thorne weaving barn
  • Would not have Tim Exline work on their place.
This seems to be the cost of doing business with some contractors. They do not seem to care that they impact peoples lives. They always hide behind "its a business" after they sell you on them building your dream. Contractors by and large, refuse to be pinned down by dates or costs. Why? I really do not know.

When they turn your dream into a nightmare, they refuse to acknowledge it. They refuse to engage you in that discussion, it then becomes all about business.

If I never work with another contractor, it will be too soon. I plan to do my next blog from court in San Luis Obispo

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Judges, Lawyers and Courts, Oh My!

I wonder how much a contractor, who stays in court so much, manages to run his business. Dave Exline does seem to spend an inordinate time in court. Whether it be construction related or not, the only way to find out would be to either call and ask Exline, or perhaps show up for one of his court dates on 8/15 AND 8/16. Could this be why the houses he is working on in Monterey County and San Diego County have yet to be finaled? This could also explain why he was not able to do more than 3-4% per month on my house, because if I spent this much time in court, my productivity and quality of work would suffer. Strangely enough, his son/my job site manager has also been spending a lot of time in court as well. The fruit does not fall far it seems.

Perhaps one of his current attorneys would be interested in knowing how much time he spends in court, how much he switches attorneys, and last but not least, how many houses he has actually finished without having some type of conflict with the owner. Finished being the operative word.

Someone once told me that reasonable people do not end up in court. What does it say when a business owner, may have to spend at least 1 day per month (on average) 'defending' himself.

In the end, it would just be best to ....To Three Little Pigs Construction. CA. Lic. #420523