Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Straw Bale Tour

I had the opportunity to tour another Straw Bale structure yesterday. They did some cool things like color coding the exterior walls to denote framing and using water tanks built into the walls to moderate temps in the structure.

What I really like is the exterior truth window:And something that said a lot to me which is a poster of Malcolm X next to a truth window. Appropriate if you ask me:Reminds me to do my truth window...

Monday, January 15, 2007

99 Degree Difference

6 months ago the temperature was 113 degrees this weekend it was 99 degrees colder.

The booster pump on the water tank froze and failed. They tell me this happens when it is 14 degrees. It was replaced and the resulting damage repaired for about $900 by the pump division of Farm Supply. As I have come to expect, they were professional and courteous. Most of the neighbors had bursting pipes, or some plumbing related issues due to the extreme(for California) cold. I will break out the costs and materials of this in my next post.