Tuesday, September 28, 2004

September 2004 Post

We live in earthquake country as evidenced by the 6.0 on 9/28 and the 700 aftershocks, several being 5.0 or greater. There are some additional cracks in the flooring but overall, the house withstood the shaking and baking very well. In other news, the windows are 70% complete and roof is 55% complete. I started the structural wiring for the stereo system and should be complete no later than 10/6/04. Lathing and Plastering/Stucco not yet started.

Days like this I wish I had a project schedule.

Lathing and Plastering should be happening this month. If all goes according to plan, we plan to have a
small gathering to do the plastering. Could be a good time for a mud party if it is still hot. Speaking of, it was over
105 degrees when these last pictures were taken. 105!!!! Thanks to
Pedraum for giving me space on his blog.