Thursday, September 29, 2005

High Quality Construction Managment

Available: Part-time construction project manager for small to medium size projects.

I have over 4 years experience with plumbing, basic electrical training, standard construction techniques, blueprint reading, budgeting, and purchasing. I am organized, pride myself on attention to detail, and have a unique understanding of all facets of the construction process, I will act as the intermediary workers, between the architect and his subcontractors, and between the project and any regulatory personnel.

In addition, I will meet regularly with owners, subcontractors, architects, and other design professionals to monitor and coordinate all phases of the construction project. I will regularly review engineering and architectural drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure compliance with plans and specifications. I will also track and control construction costs to avoid cost overruns.

I will never blame you, the customer for my bad decisions or poor quality work. I will make sure the work crew reports to work on time and ready to work. They will be honest, have integrity, and be free of any wants and warrants. They will work a full day, everyday and treat the job site with respect.

I will make sure no changes are made prior to your approval. I will ensure that all subs are paid in a timely manner and I will make sure the job site is clean, and organized.

Of course I am not looking for a construction management job, but if I had a person like the one described above, I suspect that I would not have had the issues that this project has.

In retrospect, Dave Exline and Three Little Pigs Construction pretty much lived down to their name.

Speaking of, Dave Exline was back in COURT on 9/28/05. For those of you keeping score at home, I think Dave Exline has now had at least 1 court appearance every month of the year. Can he keep the streak alive? Stay tuned.