Monday, November 21, 2005

End of the nightmare...

365 days ago, I started peeling back the onion of Dave Exline and the Three Little Pigs Construction companies work. Little did I know that the onion would be rancid, rotten, and slimy. So like so much kitchen waste, I am turning this rancid, rotten, slimy, stinky, onion, into a compost. A compost that can fertilize, that can encourage growth, that will keep giving back something positive and healthy long after the smell has gone.

This house can now be lived in. It can have laughter, it can now have warmth, it can now have happiness, it can now have hope. People will enjoy the holidays in the house, they will create new memories to replace the old memories and fill the house with its' own life.

There is still work to be done, but it is work I gladly do. It is work that will make the bad memories recede into the past.

As the house continues to take on character it will be posted here. As it continues to grow into a home, it will be chronicled here.

Final thoughts on this experience and Dave Exline in particular:

  • That it would take 365 days from firing Dave Exline and his band of 'construction' workers to get to a house you can live in is a testament of his construction capability
  • Dave Exline will be as successful in his 'custom home construction and home inspection business as he has been in his previous business endeavors.
  • Funny that I never see Dave in town.
  • If your contractors home is messy, unorganized and cluttered, odds are the work he does for you will be the same
  • As for Dave Exline, Janice Exline, and the Three Little Pigs Construction Company, it seems as if fate has a sense of humor in that they continue to have court dates on consecutive days
Thank you all for your support, well wishes, and kind words.

The nightmare is officially over.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

How many electrical outlets

As I deconstruct the building of this house, I wonder. why do I have 11(eleven) electrial outlets in one room!?!!? I can only believe it was because The Three Little Pigs wanted to make sure I was a happy camper. Because as we all know, having 6 electrical outlets on 8ft of wall is what everyone wants.

My amazement at the work of Dave Exline dba Three Little Pigs Construction will never cease.

Yee Haw, build me another house sparky!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Court, Court, and more Court

I have found it easier to distill the past and current court cases involving David Exline, Janice Exline, and Three Little Pigs construction, into one page. Click HERE to view.

...and remember, "this is custom home construction and you will get a great piece of property"