Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blue Pill, or Red Pill

For those of you who have seen The Matrix, the premise is that we are all living in a programmed dreamlike reality controlled by computers. The lead character along with other has figured this out and now are fighting against the 'machines'. At the end of the 1st Matrix movie, the lead gains the ability to see the 'the Matrix, e.g the dream world in the native code that is used to construct 'reality'.

I bring this up because I believe I look at this house in much of the same way. I see how it was constructed. I see every nail, stud, post, shear wall, A35 connector, hvac ducting, pex, etc. It is like I am looking at the code used to construct the house. And for those who know how programming, sometimes code can be elegant, and other times, not so elegant.

It it those not so elegant code fragments that cause much consternation.

So the question is, do I take the Blue Pill and stay in dream world or the Red Pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Got Wood?

I have access to 80+ year old redwood timbers from an old building. I would like to have these re-sawn for moulding and what not.

The problem is finding someone or someplace to re-saw them. Suggestion are welcome.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wild Kingdom Battle Royale

I remarked in an earlier post about the Tarantula Hawk. Here is a picture of a Tarantula Hawk as it drags a tarantula it paralyzed into it's lair:The Tarantula is to the left. But this was no ordinary tarantula beat down. After this Tarantula Hawk incapacitated its' victim, another Tarantula Hawk swooped in and tried to gaffle it.
A fight ensued between the two T-Hawks with the winner being the one that originally captured the Tarantula. After battling two worthy opponents, the T-Hawk dragged the paralyzed arachnid more than 10 meters to this spot in the picture.

Here are a few more pics of the dragging...

Needless to say I did not get that close because I have a healthy respect for any insect that can take out a tarantula, kick another Tarantula Hawk to the curb, and then drag it's victim 30 feet.

Take that Brady Barr!