Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strange Views This Weekend..

A few months ago while watching the webcam, I saw two dogs run through the courtyard. A yellow lab and a chocolate lab. The did not hang around, just cruising through. Strangely enough I so them again today. Both had collars and looked healthy if not a bit dirty from their adventures. What I don't understand is why people let their dogs roam. Not only are there coyotes but there are mountain lions, deer, and people who would not hesitate to shoot them.

Another strange view I saw was this:
The really odd thing is that there were two people riding in it. They looked no older than 18-20. Was someone filming a Wells Fargo commercial? Yaaaaah!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visitors to the House...

This weekend I had several guests visiting the house.

Allow me to introduce my good friend Lizard Large:

His partner in crime Fuzzy Spider:

And Mothras' Evil Twin:
Brought to you by 104 degree weather:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moths, Meritage, and Me

The title pretty much sums up the past few days. I have seen moths the size of small birds,

tasted at least 20 different wines at the 27th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival
It only took me 9 years to finally go and I really wish the fashion police were there.

Visited with several friends from the Bay Area and the U.K. and lastly enjoyed the sunsets
Nothing major or earth shattering but it was good to get a few days away from it all after all of the travel and long hours.